Frequently Asked Questions

How does KABN KASH work?

Retailers pay KABN KASH commissions on eligible transactions which we turn into cashback to our customers.

How can I help ensure my cashback tracks to my account?

Cookies have to be turned on to enable transactions to be tracked to your account. Please ensure you are not using a private or incognito browser as this will prevent the use of necessary tracking cookies.

Click straight through from KABN KASH to the retailer and complete your purchase in the same session.

If you save items in your basket to purchase at a later date you may not receive cashback.

How long will it take before I receive my cashback?

Each retailer needs to validate the transaction and pay commission before your cashback can be paid and you have reached the $50 minimum threshold for cashback remittance, this process can take approximately 8 weeks.

Travel bookings will be validated by the retailer after the booking has been completed and this will have an impact on when you receive the cashback. For example, if on March 1st you book a hotel for a stay between July 1st – 14th, the retailer will not validate the transaction until after your stay is completed on July 14th. Cashback will be provided approximately 8 weeks after the retailer validates the transaction.

*** Please note that during these challenging and unprecedented times, and the ongoing impact of Covid 19 on retailers globally, the current waiting period for cashback may be longer than 8 weeks. ****

I haven’t received my cashback, what should I do?

We want to pay all the Cashbacks you are entitled to, but periodically we encounter a problem. A missing cashback enquiry may be raised when more than 8 weeks have passed, or in the case of travel bookings, the reservation/booking has been completed and 8 weeks have passed. We don’t want people thinking that on the day after the booking is complete the cashback will appear in their account as that won’t happen, The retailer needs to validate the transaction and pay out the commission. This process can take approximately 8 weeks.

If you haven’t received your cashback after 8 weeks, please click here

You can also go into your account profile on and click on Cashbacks then click “Exit Clicks”. If you don’t see your transaction, then click “Cashbacks” to see if the Cashback was recorded. If you do not see the transaction here, it is quite possible that you had another cashback browser open or a cashback extension open on your browser, or you clicked through a retailers email, paid search or you are on an affiliate site other than cashback. These can all supersede the link from KABN KASH and attribute the cashback to the other provider.

I have received less cashback than I was expecting?

Cashback is applicable to eligible products purchased and may not cover taxes, postage and packaging, gift wrapping or personalisation. Some items may also not be eligible for cashback. We recommend that you read the retailers special terms and conditions that we have posted for each retailers. This will advise what products do not offer cashback, or may contain a minimum spend to trigger cashback, or other terms that you need to be aware of prior to making any purchases. If cashback has not been rewarded by the retailer on any specific transaction, KABN KASH will not pay cashback on that order.

Will I receive cashback if I use a coupon code that I found on another website or search engine?

If you use a coupon code that is not listed on KABN KASH at the time of purchase you may not receive cashback on that transaction.

Why has my cashback been declined?

There are number of possible reasons this may happen:

The purchase was returned, cancelled or the order was amended

The purchase was not completed wholly online

Another referrer has been awarded the cashback commission (for example, a price comparison or coupon code site)

You didn’t comply with the terms and conditions of the retailer

A coupon code or discount code, gift voucher code or similar was used that was not authorised by us.

The retailer has ceased trading or has gone into bankruptcy

If none of these apply to your purchase please click here to raise an enquiry and we’ll contact the retailer for more information.

I am not happy with a purchase I made through a retailer, can you help me?

When making a purchase with a retailer the relationship/contract of purchase remains with the retailer, KABN KASH is not responsible for the service or product provided. You should contact the retailer directly with any questions or issues regarding products or services purchased.

If I return a purchase what happens with the cashback I have received?

If part or all of a purchase is returned your cashback may be reversed by the retailer. This will be deducted from the cashback balance in your account.

How will I receive my cashback?

If you are a KABN Card holder, the cashback will go directly onto your card. Non cardholders will receive payment through PayPal. We capture your PayPal email address at the time of your registration and will deposit your payment into your PayPal account, Your PayPal account must be verified.

How is my cashback calculated when purchases are made in USD?

If you shop with a US retailer from the Canadian KABN KASH site, exchange rate fluctuations come into effect between the USD and CAD. As a result you may receive a different cashback amount than you expected. We use the currency conversion rate from your date of purchase to calculate your cashback in CAD

All cashback amounts shown are listed and paid to you in $CAD

Are all the retailers on KABN KASH actually Canadian?

While many of the retailers on KABN KASH are Canadian, some participating retailers are based in the United States and they may list their products in U.S. dollars. Please refer to the individual retailer's site to determine the correct currency, shipping costs and tax/duty policies.

Can I earn cashback on in-store transactions?

At the present time, cashback is only available through our online KABN KASH portal. No cashback can be earned at points of sale.

How do we track your order?

Cookies enable us to track your online purchases made through KABN KASH, to make sure you get your cashback. You must have cookies enabled on your web browser in order to receive cashback.

A cookie is a small piece of text data stored by your internet browser. Having a cookie on your account simply means that we will remember you each time you visit the site.

Can I use my KABN Card for transactions?

Yes, in fact the cashback will be greater when using the KABN Card.

Can I use my own debit card or PayPal account to make purchases?

This is retailer specific and will depend on what form of payment each individual retailer accepts.

Does KABN KASH keep my credit card information?

All transactions are made directly with the online merchant and KABN does not capture or keep this information.

Is there a minimum I need to spend to earn Cashback?

This is a retailer specific decision. If this is the case, it will be noted on the retailers store info page under Terms and Conditions.

Are all prices listed in Canadian Dollars?

Some of KABN KASH participating retailers are based in the United States and list their products in U.S. dollars. Please refer to the individual retailer's site to determine the correct currency.

Can all items ordered through KABN KASH Canada be delivered to Canada?

Yes, all participating KABN KASH retailers ship to Canada.

Am I responsible for any customs, duties, and/or brokerage fees that may apply to purchases made on non-Canadian retailer sites?

Yes. Please review the shipping policies of your retailer of choice. You may also have to pay taxes on orders depending on your jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of the retailer. In Canada such taxes can include GST / PST / HST. Additionally, any goods purchased from a retailer outside of Canada may be subject to tax and/or fees for duty as the item crosses the border. It is your responsibility to carefully read all of the terms of your purchase with each individual retailer to understand what charges may be applied to you. KABN KASH will not be able to assist you if taxes, shipping and duty charges are applied to any purchase you choose to make with a Retailer.

What do the different status codes mean against a transaction in My Account

The status of your transaction will change depending on where it is in the system:


Your transaction has tracked but still needs to be validated by the retailer. The validation process can take up to 4 weeks.


Your cashback has been rejected by the retailer. There are a number of possible reasons this may happen, please see ‘Why has my cashback been declined’ for more information.


Your cashback has been approved by the retailer but we’re still waiting to receive the commission. It can take up to 4 weeks for us to receive commission payments from a retailer.


We have received commission on the transaction and your cashback is ready to be paid out. The minimum threshold for a cashout is $50.00


Cashback for this transaction has been paid to you. Please note that this number will reflect the total cashback paid out to you since you joined the program.