About KABN Systems North America – www.kabnsystemsna.com

KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. through its wholly owned subsidiary KABN Systems North America Inc. focuses on the verification, management and monetization of digital identity, empowering users to control and benefit from its use of their online identity. KABN propriety technology suite includes 4 key products:

KABN ID is an Always On, biometric and blockchain based digital identity validation and verification platform allowing users to continuously and confidently prove themselves throughout the online community.

Liquid Avatar allows users to create high quality digital icons representing their online personas. These icons, in conjunction with KABN ID, allows users to use Liquid Avatars to share public and permission based private data when they want and with whom they want. www.liquidavatar.com

KABN Card is a Visa approved prepaid card program allowing users to manage both digital and fiat currencies and earn cashback and other loyalty incentives. www.kabncard.com

KABN KASH is a cashback, loyalty and engagement program that powers the KABN revenue ecosystem. KABN customers have access to over 100 online merchants across North America where they can shop online and earn cashback.

KABN provides its products and services at no cost to customers and generates revenues through permission-based partner programs. www.kabnkash.com

KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol: KABN.