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0.38% Cashback

About Newegg

Newegg is a leading retailer of computer hardware and software, plus you'll find a wide range of home appliances, sports equipment and more from top name brands like Acer, Dyson and Panasonic.

Newegg Cashback Offers

0.38% Cashback

Waiting time for crediting cashback

Average waiting time for cashback: 56 days

Maximum waiting time for cashback: 98 days

Term & Conditions

The following items are not eligible to receive cashback: AMD Video Cards, AMD CPU 5000 Series, the RTX 3000 and 6000 series, Radeon RX6900 products, PS5 console and accessories, Xbox Series and Accessories and the purchase or redemption of gift cards, products with item numbers: N82E16814932345, N82E16814126457, N82E16814126466, N82E16814126480, N82E16814133807, N82E16814137620, N82E16814137623, N82E16814487526, N82E16814932337, N82E16814932340, N82E16814932365, N82E16814932372, N82E16814932375, N82E16814932376, N82E16814932378, N82E16814932383, N82E16814932385, N82E16814932386, N82E16814932387